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 Strong Roots,



Norcal Cannabis Company is building the largest vertically integrated and direct-to-consumer business platform in the biggest cannabis market in the world, California.

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NorCal’s mission is to bridge the strong roots and rich heritage of the cannabis industry with its bright future. With premium brands, products, and assets from cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and delivery, NorCal is a fully licensed, vertically integrated cannabis company proudly serving distributors, retailers and consumers across California.

From seed to sale, we value every element of the supply chain along our entire platform as we proudly serve distributors, retailers and consumers across California.


We take a hybrid approach to horticulture coupled with technology led by the industry’s top
botanists and farmers. Our next generation of cultivation facilities are designed for precise
control of every environmental factor resulting in beautiful, award-winning strains and products.

Processing / Manufacturing / Distribution

Our means of production include cultivation, extraction, packaging, and distribution. Our large collection of capabilities places us in the top three in California production for operational indoor flower space, extraction, concentrates, and edibles.

Products & Brands

We have built iconic recognition with market-leading consumer brands that are noted for their superior taste, aroma and consistency. Our rapidly expanding product portfolio consists of NorCal incubated brands as well as partnerships with cultural icons and local artisans.

Content & Marketing

Our in-house team brings decades of Fortune 100 experience in communications and media exposure to our brands. From social media influencing to full-service experiential digital production services, our team has put together a clear vision of marketing for our emerging industry.


Our current pipeline includes 10+ new dispensary sites under development, with the goal of reaching more than 40 dispensaries and delivery depots by 2020. We take a customer-first approach to retail concepts that educate and invite existing as well as new and curious cannabis consumers.


We operate California’s largest mobile dispensaries, tracking to make 2,500+ deliveries per day across the state in 2019 for NorCal and third-party brands. Our technology and “on-demand” enabled platform allow delivery to consumers in 30 minutes or less.

Business Intelligence

Analyzing our data - from seed to sale - helps us predict the changing needs of the cannabis consumer, allowing for growth and spurring innovation. We believe our investment in business intelligence is a critical component of our leadership in the California market, which drives productivity, consumer understanding, and helps us make smarter business decisions, faster.

Cannabis for Good.

Good for California and our local economies,
creating opportunity for people and communities. Good for our employees and the artisans and craftsmen we discover and support. Good for our stakeholders and the partners we work and win with. Good for enriching and enhancing our customers’ lives.

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