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NorCal Cannabis Company is one of the fastest scaling businesses in the expanding cannabis industry. Starting in 2014 with a rich history in cultivation and plant knowledge, NorCal has established itself as the leader in supplying the highest grade, premium product.

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All eyes are on California as the state throttles toward becoming an $7.6B industry by 2020. NorCal has the unique advantage of a leadership dream team built from visionaries who combine deep experience in the California medical cannabis market with executives who've had successful careers on Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and in Silicon Valley.

With the passage of Proposition 64, we have both built and acquired assets that focus on production [or cultivation], processing, branding, and retail in the largest cannabis market in the world. Our businesses and brands will define the future of cannabis.

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Founded in San Francisco


Raised to date


sq. ft of legal Indoor Production




sq. ft Processing & Packaging


Delivery Depots


Daily Deliveries


Delivery network in California


Storefronts in development


Premium Brands and growing portfolio


  • 1996
    Prop 215 enacted
  • Nov 2014 - NCC formed with first permitted medical cannabis deliveryensary i SF
  • July 2015 - first cultivation opens in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood
  • Feb 2016 - second cultivation opens at Portreo. First foray into manuf
  • June 2016 - Santa Rosa cultivation opens
  • June 2016 - Santa Rosa
  • Summer 2017 - Retail development begins
  • Jan 2018 - frec
  • Jan 2018 - first recreational

  • 1996 - Prop 215 enacted
  • Nov 2014 - NCC formed with first permitted medical cannabis delivery dispensary in city of SF.
  • July 2015 -
    first cultivation opens at Bryant St.
  • Feb 2016 - second cultivation opens in San Francisco’s Mission district. First foray into manufacturing.

  • Nov. 2016 - Recreational canProp 64
  • Nov. 2016 - Recreational cannabis approved Prop 64
  • Sum17 -
  • 2018- NCC receives California State licenses for all operations
  • Coming 2019 - 5 retail stores to open
  • Coming 2019 - 5 retail stores to open

NorCal Leadership

Douglas Cortina

Chief Executive Officer

Douglas Cortina brings a strong background of hands-on business and entrepreneurial experience to NorCal Cannabis. He successfully led the planning, development and execution of multiple cannabis projects throughout the State of California, which eventually became the foundation for the company. Prior to starting NorCal, Douglas worked as a successful real estate developer in San Francisco.  An east coast native, Douglas moved to San Francisco from New York City in 2010, where he worked at investment bank Brown Brothers Harriman.

Jigar Patel


Jigar Patel has been an instrumental leader in the California cannabis industry for almost 20 years. He is the founder of four state and locally compliant cannabis businesses, playing pivotal roles in real estate sourcing, entitlement, funding, design, build and operations. Mr. Patel is an industry leader in bringing local regulatory compliance to many jurisdictions including San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Sonoma County. His depth of knowledge of the rich history of California cannabis, regulation, cultivation, and sales in a compliant marketplace continue to prove essential ingredients in NorCal’s success and growth.

Blair Carter, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

With a strong background in ethnobotany and systems science, Blair Carter brings a uniquely comprehensive approach to cannabis horticulture. He has consulted in numerous states on the design and build of more than 300,000 sq. ft. of indoor cannabis cultivation, and is the founder of five state compliant cannabis businesses in California. Passionate about plant and human sciences, Dr. Carter continues to be a true believer in the mutually-transformative relationship between cultivator and cultivar.

AnnaRae Grabstein

Chief Compliance Officer

AnnaRae Grabstein is a strategic leader bringing a unique dual perspective to her role as Chief Compliance Officer of NorCal Cannabis Company as both a seasoned executive and a cannabis industry veteran. With NorCal Cannabis, AnnaRae leads public affairs, cannabis compliance and licensing, corporate social responsibility, legal and organizational development for the company’s diverse cannabis assets. Prior to NorCal, Ms. Grabstein was CEO of Steep Hill Lab, the first cannabis laboratory in the United States and cutting-edge startup where she worked with over 300 dispensaries, cultivators and product developers.

Joel Lunenfeld

Chief Marketing Officer

Joel was most recently Twitter’s Vice President Global Brand Strategy, leading marketing, content, branding, creative, research, social, and paid media globally for Twitter across 30 countries for 6 years. Before Twitter, Joel was CEO of Moxie Interactive - one of the top digital agencies in the US. He’s lead digital, creative and media teams working with brands such as Verizon Wireless, HP, L'Oreal, Fox Movie Studios, Coca-Cola, Puma, Auto Trader, Nestle, Jim Bean, and more. Joel’s also won numerous industry awards, including being inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Achievement.

David Hofflich

Chief Financial Officer

David is a seasoned executive and turnaround professional with 25+ years of experience working with more than 30 companies, serving in CEO, CFO, and CRO Roles. Previously at H1 Advisors, Axis Solar Financial, and Gale Force Infrastructure Fund, he’s recognized for implementing successful strategies in complex business environments and situations.

Dick Pierce

Executive Chairman

Dick comes to NorCal Cannabis Company after a distinguished career in the technology sector, most recently serving as CEO of Raydiance (acquired by Coherent in 2015). Pierce has also recently served as CEO of Orbital Data Corporation (acquired by Citrix in 2006), which offers solutions to speed the delivery of software applications over wide area networks (WANs). Prior to heading up Orbital, Pierce was a founding member and served in a number of executive roles at Inktomi (acquired by Yahoo in 2001), a search and software infrastructure provider. During Pierce’s tenure, Inktomi’s revenues grew to over $250 million in five years, culminating in a public offering in 1998. Pierce began his career at Intel, ultimately running marketing for one of the company’s $3 billion microprocessor divisions.

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Not Just Products, Lifestyle Brands

Our goal is to incubate, create and partner in order to have a full suite of consumer products that meet the needs of every existing and new consumer. We believe that there isn’t just one type of cannabis consumer, but rather many so we invest in authentic brands, ones which enrich lives beyond the product and offer up something greater for human kind. From flower to extracts, edibles to topicals, NorCal brands will continue to be focused on making cannabis relevant to people’s unique lifestyles.


1Lyfe offers flower inspired by a passion for art, community, and the pursuit of expression, regardless of rules. Our products ignite the drive in each of us to create our own best life.

Occidental Hills

From a small community of cannabis farmers in western Sonoma County, comes world-class strains which pay homage to the rich history of cannabis that can only come from Northern California.